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IInyo County Active Transportation Plan

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The 2015 Active Transportation Program Plan includes:

  1. A minor update of the 2009 Inyo County Collaborative Bikeway Plan.

  2. A Pedestrian Element that will list and prioritize potential projects.

  3. A Recreation Trails Element that will list and prioritize potential projects near area communities.

  4. A Safe Routes to School Element that will update the Safe Routes to Schools maps in the City of Bishop and create Safe Routes to School maps for other areas in the County.

The goal of this plan is to make local government entities competitive to apply for Active Transportation Program grant funds.

An Initial Study and Proposed Negative Declaration for the Active Transportation Plan was released for public review and comment. The Inyo County LTC approved the environmental document and adopted the Final Plan at their April 20, 2016 meeting in Independence. The Final Plan can be viewed by following links in the table below.

Active Transportation Plan

Cover (263 KB)


Title Page (163 KB)


Table of Contents  (354 KB)


Chapter 1 (207 KB


Chapter 2 (2,677 KB)


Chapter 3 (617 KB)

Bicycle Element

Chapter 4 (227 KB)

Pedestrian Element

Chapter 5 (71 KB)

Recreational Trails Element

Chapter 6 (1,128 KB)

Safe Routes to School Element

Chapter 7 (119 KB)

Proposed Active Transportation Projects 

Appendix A (54 KB)

Active Transportation Plan Checklist 

Appendix B (2,531 KB)

Stakeholder Correspondence, Public Comment Log, Workshop Flyer, sign in sheets

Appendix C (5,912 KB)

Inyo County 2008 Collaborative Bikeways Plan Maps

Appendix D (186 KB)

Accident Data

Appendix E (8,232 KB)

LORP Recreational Enhancements Map

Appendix F (786 KB)

Inyo County 2008 Collaborative Bikeways Plan Recreational Route Projects

The Bicycle Transportation Account has been made part of the Statewide Active Transportation Program. The Active Transportation Program plan combined several programs including the old Transportation Enhancement Program.

Active Transportation Program Call for Projects

In 2015, the City of Bishop applied for a Spruce Yaney Hanby sidewalk improvement project and the County applied for a Town to Tract Bicyle Route project to install bicycle lanes on Reynolds Road, County Road, School Street, and Baker Creek Road. The City application was successful whil the County's was not.

 In 2018 both the City and County applied for new projects. The County was awarded the Lone Pine Sidewalk and ADA grant. The City of Bishop applications were not successful


TE History

The County and City were able to program several bicycle and pedestrian projects through the former Transportation Enhancement program. The City was able to construct the Pine to Park Path and the County was able to complete a Sunland Drive bicycle lanes project. The County is proceeding with Ed Powers Bicycle lanes project. Caltrans is working toward the implementation of a West Line Street sidewalk project that was primarily funded using TE funds.


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