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The goal of this page is to provide links to information about transit, transportation, and transportation-planning related grant programs. More information on each of the grant programs can be found below. The updating of this information is an ongoing process. These grants are administered by a variety of agencies. The Inyo County LTC serves a variety of roles related to these grant programs.

A New Acronym for TE ProjectsClearing Storm

The Moving Ahead for Progress Federal Transportation Reauthorization (MAP-21) created a Transportation Alternatives Program to repace th eTransportation Enhancement (TE) program in August 2013. The State of California recently adopted legislation to enact an Alternative Transportation Program (ATP). The California Transportation Commission (CTC) is currently developing guidelines for the implementation of this program and hopes to approve the new guidelines in January 2014.


 The ATP program limits the number of eligible projects from 12 categories allowed under the TE program to 9 categories. ATP projects are no longer going to programmed as a part of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. The legislation (SB 99/AB 105) appears to allocate a percentage of ATP funds to the LTC for dispersal to local agencies. Other ATP funds will be available to local agencies on a regionally competitive basis. This page will be updated when the CTC has established the guidelines to implement this program. An 11.47% local match will likely still be required for all projects. The project must be sponsored by either Inyo County, Caltrans, or the City of Bishop.


An August 2011 LTC staff report established priorities for evaluating projects, discusses eligibility requirements, shares tips for a successful application, and adopts procedures for evaluating TE applications. An application can be downloaded as a Word document at by scrolling down to 2012 TE Information and clicking on TE Application. Contact Inyo LTC staff at (760) 878-0201 or follow the link to the LTC staff report to obtain information about: the application process, eligibility requirements, and criteria used to evaluate applications. In response to the 2009 TE Call for Projects, the West Line Street Sidewalks (Caltrans) and the Sunland Drive Bicycle Lane (County) projects were programmed by the LTC as part of the 2010 RTIP.


Safe Routes to School Grants  

The Safe Routes to School grant program has been merged with the Highway Safety Improvement Program as a part of MAP-21. It is anticipated that a call for Highway Safety Improvement Program projects will be released in the Spring of 2013. Caltrans administers funding for Safe Routes to School projects through two separate and distinct programs: the state-legislated Program (SR2S) and the federally-legislated Program (SRTS).  Both are competitive reimbursement programs that seek the same goal of increasing the number of children who walk or bicycle to school but differ in some important respects. An overview of both grant programs can be viewed at this link.

Funds are available from Caltrans for Federal Safe Routes to School (SRTS) projects (SRTS Cycle 2).  These funds are not to be confused with the State Legislated Safe Routes to School (SR2S) funds. 

Transportation-Planning Grants

Kern COG, Mono and Inyo County LTC, and SANBAG were awarded a grant for the Eastern Sierra Highway 14/58/395 Corridor Enhancement Plan. This plan will complete some of the groundwork to begin the Blueprint Planning process in Eastern California for areas along US 395. Kern COG, Mono, and Inyo County LTC's were also awarded grant funding for the Eastern Central California Blueprint Plan. The goal of regional blueprint planning is to help the regions develop better land use and transportation patterns and help State agencies make better infrastructure investment decisions that support the Blueprint Plan. To find out more about the Eastern California Corridor Enhancement and the Blueprint planning transportation planning grants and their visioning processes, follow the corresponding link.                                                                                                    


The Eastern Sierra Corridor Enhancement Program website is now on-line. The first public outreach meeting for this visioning process was held April 20, 2009 in Lone Pine and in Bishop. You can view the presentation and the agenda for these workshops. These workshops are part of the Eastern Central California blueprint planning process. View the final Eastern California Corridor Enhancement Program document to learn the outcome of this visioning process.

Federal Lands Access Program

Inyo County has received a Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant for the consturction of Whitney Portal Road with construction tentatively slated for the summer of 2016. In January 2015, the County applied for a FLAP grant to reconstruct South Lake Road. (Video link)


Transit Grants   

The Caltrans Division of Mass Transportation releases Call for Projects for the following Federal Transit  Administration grant programs:



If you have any questions, comments, or other feedback, please call LTC staff at(760) 878-0207 or send LTC staff an e-mail message.

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