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The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) serves as the planning blueprint to guide transportation investments in the County involving local, state, and federal funding over the next twenty years. Transportation improvements are categorized as short-term (0-10 years) or long-term (11-20 years). The overall focus of the RTP is directed at developing a coordinated and balanced multi-modal regional transportation system that is financially constrained to the revenues anticipated over the life of the plan (2030). The coordination focus brings the County, City of Bishop, Indian Tribal Governments, resource agencies, and citizens into the planning process. The balance is achieved by considering investment and improvements for moving people and goods across all modes including roads, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, goods, and aviation. Individual projects identified in the Regional Transportation Plan will receive further project-specific environmental review. Comprehensive updates to the RTP are supposed to be completed every 5 years.

2015 Update - a draft update to the Regional Transportation Plan has been released for public review and comment. The comment period on the draft document ends on July 17, 2015. The draft Regional Transportation Plan (4,443 Kb), Executive Summary (44 Kb), and draft Environmental Checklist and Negative Declaration (659 Kb) can be viewed by following the highlighted links.

At their April 22, 2009 meeting, the LTC adopted the Regional Transportation Plan Update. The Inyo County Regional Transportation Plan is now available to view by following the links below.

PDF Size

Inyo County Regional Transportation Plan - (without Figures and Appendices)

1,751 Kb

Cover Cover Page 356 Kb
RTP Checklist State RTP Checklist 264 Kb
Whole Appendices Appendix 1A through 6B 3,196 Kb

Appendix 1A 

Inyo County LTC Public Involvement Procedures 80 Kb
Appendix 1B List of Tribal Transportation Needs 114 Kb
Appendix 2A 10-Year Collision Summary Map 479 Kb
Appendix 3A California Transportation Plan (CTP) Themes 49 Kb
Appendix 3B California Strategic Highway Safety Plan - Goals and Strategies 62 Kb
Appendix 4A Official 2008 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) 269 Kb
Appendix 4B 2008 State Highway Operations and Protection Program (SHOPP) 43 Kb
Appendix 4C-1 and
Appendix 4C-2
Big Pine Reservation Roads:
     Crocker Avenue and Bartell Road Improvements
433 Kb
Appendix 4D through
Appendix 4L
2008 Short-Range Capital Improvement Projects 65 Kb
Short-Range Capital Improvement Program (0-10 years) As Amended on July 15, 2009
Long-Range Capital Improvement Program (11-20 years)
Short-Range and Unfunded Highway Bridge Projects
Short-Range Transportation Enhancement Projects (STIP)
Short-Range Transportation Enhancement Projects (5-10 years)
Short-Range and Long-Range Transit Projects
Short-Range and Long-Range Aviation Projects
Long-Range Unfunded Projects
Appendix 5A Federal Funding Programs 441 Kb
Appendix 6A App. 6 (CEQA document and responses to comments) is not provided with the RTP; however, it can be viewed at the Inyo County Public Works Department office in Independence, CA.
Appendix 6B
Figure 1 Study Area 490 Kb
Figure 2 Existing Roadway Functional Classification 305 Kb
Figure 3 Existing Traffic Volumes and Level of Service 321 Kb
Figure 4 Future Traffic Volumes and Levels of Service 319 Kb
Figure 5 Existing Transit Service 283 Kb
Figure 6 Existing Airport Facilities 332 Kb
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